Dear guest,

The Multi-States Hatch NE1048/Mastitis Research Workers Conference in 2014 took place in Ghent, Belgium, hosted by M-team.

The Mastitis Research Workers Conference meetings have been held annually since 1959. The first meetings were held in Chicago, Illinois. The purpose of this conference is to provide a forum for presenting informal reports and discussing research proposals, results, and problems concerning mastitis.

Consistent with a long-standing history, membership of the MRW meeting is limited to persons actively engaged in mastitis  research (mastitis being defined as an infectious disease).  Engineers, milk quality people, etc., do not normally fit this criteria.  Persons with commercial interests are also excluded.  This is not intended to exclude clinicians and extension workers who are actively pursuing mastitis research of publishable quality.

Graduate students and technicians attend as guests of their major professor or supervisor.  They present their research proposal or results of their research.
Persons wishing to attend for the first time attend as guests of a member and are prepared to present their ongoing or proposed research.  Future attendance is decided by the membership committee.
Retired members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Best wishes,

Sofie Piepers, Sarne De Vliegher & the entire M-crew @ M-team